Steve Hoover is one of the finest musicians I have ever had the pleasure to work with... Playing keyboard with the Bob Kuban Band has been a blessing.... I am always amazed at the musicianship and perfection he has on no matter what instrument he is playing keyboard, bass or trombone.....
One in a million....

Bob Kuban

     I've been working with Steve Hoover for years – on and off stage. Steve is an all around pro. Whether its rockin' on stage, directing a band rehearsal, or cranking out an awesome transcription on short notice, Steve always gets the job done and does it REALLY well. Aside from being super talented, Steve is a first-class guy - authentic, serious, and fun. I've always felt incredibly fortunate to have crossed paths with Steve years back and look forward to many more years of creating together!

Rick Recht

     Steve is one of the (if not the) most professional, accomplished arrangers, producers and musicians I have had the pleasure of working with for 15 plus years. As an artist, Steve has arranged music that has been performed for me by some of the most elite recording musicians in the industry (Ndugu Chancellor (drums), The Phoenix Horns (Earth Wind and Fire), Billy Osborne (LTD, Ray Charles), Pat Sylvers (The Sylvers), etc.. Steve has been, and continues to be, a force in my musical career....

Larry O. Williams

     Steve Hoover is one of the most intelligent and talented musicians that I know. I have collaborated closely with Steve on a variety of projects: Steve produced an album for my band, Prune, and over the years he has co-written, arranged, and transcribed music for a number of children's musicals that my fourth grade students perform each year. Steve brings the patience and people sense of an excellent educator along with the hard work and technical savvy of a master producer. He strikes that perfect balance between respecting an artist's vision and bringing new ideas or possibilities to the table.
He is a clever, inventive, and tireless musician who plays mean trombone... piano... bass guitar... bike horn...

Rich Ives - MICDS / Pegasus / Prune / Karate Bikini

     Steve Hoover is a multi-talented musician, arranger and composer. He arranged all the music (16 tracks) on my dream CD, "Let the Love Shine" and helped bring my vision to life. Not only were the arrangements beautiful, he also played a multitude of instruments and had a huge role in editing and mixing the CD. Steve is a favorite pianist of mine and singing live with him is a pleasure and a blast! (yes, there is a little comedian in there too) I've also recorded some of my original music with him in his studio and always feel confident and happy with the results. Steve Hoover is my go-to guy when it comes to any music project that requires someone professional, focused, honest and gifted."

Bridgette Kossor

     I’ve worked with Steve on and off for some 27 years. Steve has always performed impeccably and held a standard for those around him to attain. He’s the “go to” guy for everything musical. Not long ago we needed an arrangement for a simple tune written by my wife. Steve took that simple melody and arranged it, producing a score and music charts that could be used for large, medium, or small combos. We continue to use his arrangement at the church where I now serve as music minister. Most recently I called Steve to record, mix, and engineer a song used at the church where I was playing. Steve brought out his own recording equipment, plugged into the existing sound system at the church, recording several tracks, and produced a CD for us that made amateurs and volunteers sound professional. No question who I go to when I need something related to music, arranging, or recording….. Steve Hoover.

David Filkins
Music Minister - Faith Lutheran Church

     I have enjoyed the pleasure of Steve filling in with our band over the years either on trombone, bass, or piano and have always respected the skill and professionalism he brings to the stage each time. He makes everyone around him better players. We love to use his charts and arrangements in the band and have found them to be real time savers when learning new material at practice. It has been a real pleasure knowing Steve and Kathy as friends too; sharing travel stories and special events with mutual friends.
The Hoovers are great people!

Bill Grosch

     Steve is such a well rounded musician and engineer. Sometimes you wonder what he can't do! He's a skilled digital recording engineer and MIDI programmer. He's a whiz at musical transcription and theory. On top of that, he's a virtuoso on more instruments than I could name. There are very few musical challenges you could throw at him that he couldn't solve. I picked the right guy to record with.

Bill Michalski